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With Elite Training I got a friend, not just a personal trainer. I was able to really get out of my head. Tino really motivated me to not just lose weight but to change the way I thought. I had just gotten out of a relationship of 8 years and needed someone to pour some positivity into me. I got that with Tino and Elite Training. I stuck to the plan and I got the results  I wanted!

Allentino's guidance and commitment have motivated me to adopt health and wellness as a permanent lifestyle. The results I've experienced with Elite Training have empowered me physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you for helping me transition into the greatest version of myself thus far.

My Experience with Elite Training has been nothing short of amazing! This is exactly the type of personalized physical training I've been looking for. Consultation was fast and efficient. I received my personalized meal plan that same night. I was very pleased with losing 38lbs prior to my expected goal date. I definitely recommend Elite Training to anyone that is serious about a lifestyle change because Tino will make sure to see you through.

I truly believe that my biggest factor in developing a healthy lifestyle is a positive, determined frame of mind. When I started training with Elite Training, it was all about learning a new way to eat and workout. Tino encouraged me everyday to be a healthy person, to believe in myself, lose the weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Tino is a kicka** trainer that helps to inspire you to do something about your fitness journey and without him I don't know where or how I could do this.

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